The trials, errors, and sometimes successes of a first time mom.

A day in our every changing world.

Motherhood does not fit a specific mold. You have to be versatile, ready for changes at the drop of a hat. I lived my life very specifically before I became a mother. I was a punctual, full-time working, friend, family, and girlfriend. I could plan exactly how much time, to the minute, I would need for everything that made up my day.

Then my world shifted. I had to learn to slow down, and get accustomed to spending many days in one place. The “get up and go” lifestyle doesn’t exactly work with a newborn. We nursed around the clock, and the most we would do is drive down the street to my parents.


Fast forward to now, 9 months later, and our days are completely different. We wake up as a family, and I’m greeted with the most beautiful beginnings of a tooth-filled smile. I can drink coffee with Blake while Mila munches on fruit and yogurt. We plan play dates, because her new favorite thing is playing with other babies. In between nursing she loves to steal bites of my meals, so my lunch and snack times are always very interesting these days. Car rides are less stressful. Less diaper blowouts. More laughter, singing, dancing, and almost walking. In general, our days are exciting for her and her ever growing mind.



There are plenty of things that still make parts of our day difficult, like when I haven’t eaten all day and desperately need to cook, but that’s when the closeness of babywearing makes life easier. Even at 9 months, she’s a champion nurser, so I still have to slow down like I did in those first few months. It reminds me of the beauty of motherhood as I examine her rapidly changing features, soaking it in at the ends of our busy days.

Every day is completely different. I have always loved change, but to be honest, I would just love to pause time. I miss those newborn days when people would tell me to slow down and rest. Of course, those days were much less eventful and much more mundane (in a good way, if that word could ever have a positive connotation). I’m slowly getting back to a “get up and go” mindset, and I hope that it will open Mila’s world to a wide array of sights and experiences. Ask me in a few months what our days look like, and I can guarantee the answer will be insanely different 🙂

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We’re still surviving!

I can’t believe I’ve lost track of my blog for almost 5 months. I’m so in awe of mothers that can regularly keep up with bloggi ng, but the truth is I struggle to have the energy to make myself dinner still.

Since 4 months, we’ve gone through several growth spurts, crawling, new motor skills, journeying into solids, and now Mila is almost WALKING. Yeah. Mind blowing. I still feel like I just had her.

I have a few ideas of some topics I’d like to cover, so as I find the time to put my thoughts into words I’ll be sharing. There are many things I’ve experienced that I feel need to be brought to life in hopes that I can help someone else. My goal has always been to be open and honest with not only myself, by those reading my words as well. So, to those still following: thank you! I’m still alive! 🙂image


4 months, say what?!

Today my baby girl is 4 months! I really can’t believe it. Time just seems to go by so fast. We get up, go about our day, and then it’s already time for bed. I’m kind of thankful for that because Blake is gone for pretty much the entire time I’m awake, and I just look forward to his off days so much.

The past week has been pretty rough. 4 month sleep regression is no joke, but I’m determined to be the best mama I can be. I just try to cuddle her as much as possible, nurse, or whatever her little mind/body needs. Her body is going through so many amazing changes. It’s fascinating to see. She reached out for me for the first time the other day when my dad was holding her. She’s now a rolly poly, which is kinda scary! I love watching her grow.

Mila has started taking to Blake so much. That was a slow process, probably because of nursing, but she just adores him now. He got her to laugh for the very first time and I’ll never forget how excited he was. Most mornings he takes her when she wakes up so I can get some sleep, and I think that really helped them start to bond with each other. I guess Dad is starting to be the “fun” one!

Speaking of nursing, we’ve made it 4 months exclusively breast feeding! I’m so thrilled. The one thing I remember focusing on before Mila was born was breast feeding. It came so natural that I didn’t have time to stress about it. I am thankful for having such a calm mindset, because I see so many mama’s get frustrated by how time consuming and physically demanding it is. I’m a stay at home mom. My job is to raise Mila, so I do things on her terms. Anything outside of her, I tailor to her day. We won’t be stopping any time soon (hopefully)!


My one fear right now is that since she is now 4 months, people are going to start the food inquiries. This is something I feel so strongly about, and I think a lot of people aren’t educated on. In the end, it is each family’s personal choice. I’m not giving Mila rice cereal. I wont give it to her because it has no nutritional value, and no I’m not going to shove it down her throat to try and get her to sleep at night! What the hell is that about any way? Oh, and I’m really tired of people putting it in a bottle, then cutting the nipple so that it can get through it. Um, if it can’t flow through the nipple it probably shouldn’t go in a bottle. We’re also skipping purees cause I think that’s kind of pointless too. Whenever Mila is ready to explore food, she’ll get real, whole food. I’m excited for that day, but I’m in NO rush.

We just get closer and closer to 6 months, it’s really blowing my mind. My baby is almost not a baby any more! 😦

Growing Pains.

Just when you think you have a pretty solid sleeping schedule for an infant.. BOOM. Growth spurt.

This week was the first time Mila had a growth spurt and I actually noticed a difference. We were on such a good sleep schedule, then all of a sudden it was so hard for me to get her down for the night. She would fuss, kick, refuse to nurse. Blake works nights as a restaurant manager, so it’s pretty much just me trying to calm her. I was actually lucky enough to have him here to help last night, and this was how she finally fell asleep:


I learn so much daily being a mother, but I’m also surprised at what has just come naturally. No matter how much she screams and kicks from discomfort, or simply being upset, I will always be there to comfort her. That’s something I always want her to know.

I think we’ve finally made it through this time. Mila is sleeping soundly, and Mama is going to enjoy some cookies and trashy tv 🙂

3 Months In..

Here it is. I’ve finally set up, what I hope to be, my blog all about my exploration in motherhood. Of course, I wanted to be that mom that had this set up from day 1 so that I could have a completely accurate account of what has happened. Well, here I am, 3 months later, just getting to it. I guess that’s really what motherhood is. You daydream about what you really think it will be, but in reality you’re just hoping to get another 15 minutes of sleep, or 5 seconds to inhale an old piece of pizza before baby realizes you’re not holding her.


I guess I should start off with some basics before I really get this blog going. That’s my fiance, Blake, and I. We found out we were pregnant just 4 months after we decided we really liked each other! To the average person that seems like such a short period of time, but to those that were close to us, they thought it just made sense. For a while I wondered what we would be had we not decided to be parents, but then I grew to know this as our story and path in life. He’s still my best friend even after my somewhat hellish pregnancy.. Ha!


Mila Jean was born on June 3rd. I’ll have a post with my birth story later on, but who knows when I’ll actually get around to that. Probably in another 3 months, har har. She’s my whole reason for doing this. My whole reason for basically every thing I do now. It’ll be nice to have this to look back on and show her one day!

Okay, baby is waking up. Till next time!